Sportcraft AquaWave II Waterslide

Sportcraft AquaWave II WaterslideSportcraft AquaWave II Waterslide

This summer, why not give your kids a cool and fun treat with the Sportcraft AquaWave II Waterslide ?  Not only a treat for them as they can slash the heat away but a treat for you, the parent, as well as you now need not worry about keeping the kiddos entertained on their summer vacation.  This promises hours of fun right at your very own back yard.

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Watch as your kids, recommended age is four and up, make their way up the climbing wall found on one side of the AquaWave II and slip and slide down forty five inches of water fun.  Not only fun, but safe as well because this large slide, with the width of fifty six inches, has side rails that are designed to make sure your little one doesn’t  slide the wrong way but safely and surely into the splash pool down below. With this baby, you will be driving down to each resorts and water parks no more

Setting up will also be a breeze.  Unlike the blow up slides of the past, thanks to modern technology, manual pumping or even blowing are out of the picture.  Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch as the slide inflates with a continuous air fan.  This will only take an amazingly quick two minutes. 

Take note of the word continuous.  This means what it means.  The fan will keep on blowing to keep the slide nice and “tight”, if you will.  You would not want your child sliding down something that could go limp, now would you? 

You also would not want the slide to go dry either.  It’s a good thing that the guys behind the creation of this water wonderland thought of that too.  The slide comes with sprinklers that are sure to keep the surface slippery and wet, just the way it should be.

Tipping over has always been a fear, especially for the parents.  But with the in ground anchors, you can rest assured that that will not be a problem.  As long as your kiddies do not exceed the weight limit of one hundred sixty pounds, so that is about an average of eighty pounds per child, you will have nothing to worry about.

Storage will not be a problem either as it is just as easy to deflate as it is to inflate.  A mesh bag with handles is also included to make it easy to take along with you or keep away in your closet or garage.

This is a small one slide inflatable that is easy to set up in the backyard. It is not a Banzai Water slide but is similar to the Banzai Falls Original water slide if a touch smaller. As it is hard to get the falls original nowadays, the Sportcraft version is you best bet. It will provide hours of fun for kids during the warm weather of summer. So, what are you waiting for?  Meet the summer with a splash with the Sportcraft AquaWave II Waterslide. 

 Get the Sportcraft Waterslide here >>>