Kidwise Tropical Waterslide

Kidwise Tropical Wave Waterslide Kidwise Tropical Wave Waterslide – Enjoying The Water, The Sun And The Games

All parents want the best for their kids. Although not everyone can pamper their kids all the time, it is good to know that there are products you can offer that have the best quality even at a very affordable price. This summer, help bring out the smile on your kids faces with the Kidwise Tropical Wave Waterslide.

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More on the Kidwise Tropical Wave Waterslide

This water slide has that tropical theme to it as you can see in the picture. This is highlighted by the Earth tone colors like blues, greens and browns. The palm tree like fronds on each side of the top of the slide also give it that Tropical look. A monkey relief on the side of the slide also conjurors up images of traveling down the Amazon or maybe that should be the Congo river.

The slide has a ladder in the middle of the slide that is great exercise for the kids. They can grapple up the ladder that has foot holes and handles to grab onto. The slide measures 312 inches by 72 inches by 126 inches, and can accommodate up to 200 lbs of weight.

Features you and kids ages 3 yrs. and up will love with this waterslide are as follows:

  • A ladder right in the middle of the slide so you can access these slides easily;
  • Double slides for more fun and enjoyment;
  • Monkey hoops – just in case your kids get bored sliding over and over again;
  • A Neoprene ball for added fun;
  • A blower for easy set up;
  • A patch kit for easy mending of minor problems; and
  • An oversized storage bag for easy storing and keeping inside the closet.

Tropical Wave Waterslide makes summer time worth waiting for. Children ages 3 years and up as well as adults will surely enjoy using this waterslide. For both children and adults, the cool Earth tone colors can make them feel more relaxed and attuned to nature.

For adults it is what you need for your next backyard summer get together with friends, relatives or neighbors. Instead of driving all the way to the big water parks in Florida during the summer, you can just ask your friends to visit you and bring extra clothes. Aside from the bonding time, you get to relax after a few tough and stressful moments in the office.

For kids, this means lots of fun times in the water. Looking closely, this may even be a good way to teach your little ones how bathing can be so much fun. This is since we all know that at some point, kids hate taking bath and getting themselves wet. With this wave waterslide, their concept of water will soon change.

Whilst the Tropical Wave Waterslide is not a Banzai water slide, it is still a great slide that your kids will love to play on. It's a combination of fun, excitement, thrill and relaxation. It is simply a lot of things to both kids and adults. Whether you only plan to use it during the summer or you are thinking of bringing it out and using it every weekend, having one is the most convenient way to enjoy a waterslide without the necessity to travel. With the Monkey hoops and the Neoprene ball included in each package, there will surely be a lot of laughter in your garden throughout the summer.

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