Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River

Kidwise Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy RiverCyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River

This summer, why not have double the fun with the Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River right in your back yard?  With this water wonderland conveniently located at home, your entire family is sure to get the best out of summer in an easy breezy way.  So when the sun is high and the weather is hot make a splash, a big one, and have back to back fun.

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More on the Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River

Double slides simply mean double fun. This inflatable waterpark has two back to back huge slides.  As if that weren’t the twist already, these slides literally do twist as they curve, hence the name, like a cyclone.  So slip and slide down this wet and wild adventure into the cool pool below which is connected to the “lazy river”.  The lazy river links the two slides together and can also take you to a tunnel under the slides’ main base.  With the water blaster located at the corner,  you are sure to be wet from head to toe.

Because this baby is relatively big, 432 x 204 x 120 inches, even mom and dad can join in the fun as long as they don’t go over 200 pounds that is- the total weight limit.  The appropriate age is three and up after all- no max age mentioned.  Plus, you can add even more fun by throwing in PVC tubes to float with.

What makes this even better is that set up is a breeze.  Because the Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River comes with a blower, unlike the water parks of yesterday that would take ages to inflate, this one will be up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Filling it up will be just as easy because hoses are included too.

Just as the set up is easy, so is the take down.  And once the whole thing is totally deflated, total drying is highly recommended too, the oversized carrying bag is designed especially for storage purposes as well as portability ones.  Hard to believe, but this huge water park when deflated shrinks down and easily fits into the bag.

This particular product isn't a Banzai Water slide but is made by Kidwise, who make their fair share of water slides and inflatable bouncers. They have a good reputation for creating well made inflatble toys for kids. This unit is very expensive at the moment. This is probably because it is hard to get at the moment. I'd say it is out of the price range of the average family but if you have your heart set on it then you might want to get it. It seems pretty hard to find these days.  

Because the Cyclone Double Waterpark Lazy River just screams FUN, it is only normal for kids to be overly excited.  When that happens, you can’t really blame them for getting a tad bit rowdy.  But worry not,  the whole package comes fully prepared with a repair kit used to mend any minor leaks that may spring out.

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