Bounceland Water Slide And Bounce House

Bounceland Water Slide And Bounce HouseBounceland Water Slide And Bounce House

Not only for the hot summer days, but also for those cold rainy afternoons, the Bounceland water slide and bounce house is perfect all year round.  Just as it has won an award, it is sure to win over the heart of any child and the thanks of any parent.  A true gift for the kid, the mom, and the dad too.

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The FUNtastic features of the Bounceland Water Slide And Bounce House

This inflatable bounce house and water slide  is described as a wet or dry playstation. There are  actually seven features that assure fun for every season for kids. It can be used totally dry or if the weather permits, the slide can be turned into a water slide replete with water spray cannon.

So here is what you can do on the inflatable. When you want to keep things nice and dry, there is a bounce house ball pit that comes with thirty colorful balls to start you off with. Your children can hippity hop all he wants bouncing around with the balls, or he can use them to shoot some hoops with the built in basketball ring.  There is also a tunnel that he can crawl in and out from to give him a sense of adventure.

When you need a wet escape, simply set this up in your backyard.  Let your kids go up the climbing wall only to take the long slide down and make a splash in the cool pool below.  Your kids can also squirt to their heart’s content with the water gun that comes built in.  Plus, to keep the sun’s harsh rays away, a Velcro roof top is perfect for those hot summer days.

Setting up is a breeze, actually, it’s more like a blow.  You do not need to worry about inflating it up because a strong UL blower comes with the whole package.  So strong, that it will only take about one minute before your kid can start having hours of none stop fun.

The Bounce House and Water Slide Specifications

Once inflated, the total size of this seven in one play station is 17.5 feet x 9 feet x 8.5 feet.  It holds up to a maximum of 400 pounds and can hold up to four kids at a time.  So this gives every child up to 100 pounds each.  The recommended age is from three years old up to ten.

Also, because the unit is made from heavy duty puncture proof material that is put together with double and even up to quadruple stitches, even when kids get rough and rowdy, you can rest assured that no holes will be made.

Whilst this is not a Banzai water slide it comes from Bounceland who make plenty of traditional inflatable bounce houses and other activity centers for kids. This explains why it has a jumping area along with the slide. So for fun all year round, get the versatile inflatable toy that is sure to keep the kids busy any time of year.

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