Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide with Dual Guns

Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide With Dual GunsBounceland Inflatable Water Slide With Dual Guns - Double The Water Fighting Fun !  

What better way to kick off the summer than with the Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide with Dual Guns ?  Now your kids can beat that hot summer heat right at your very own back yard.  Just think about it, no need to take a trip to the beach or head on down to a resort of sorts because you’ll have a private water wonderland for your family to enjoy. 

So let’s take a closer look at this awesome inflatable.

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More on the Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide with Dual Guns

This bright blue slide is lined in summer green. The colors alone already scream fun, fun, fun.  But the real excitement starts once the kids jump right in.  For parents, it is also about the safety precautions, which, might I say, this inflatable does not lack. Once the little ones get to the top, you won’t have to worry about them falling off since there is a safety net enclosing the area. 

When they begin to slip and slide away, the walls on the sides of the slide make sure that they go where they are supposed to- making a huge splash at the pool area below.  But it doesn’t stop there.  They can either just mellow down while waiting for their turn to race back up and swoosh back down or they can head on to the bright orange water blasters.  There is not one, but two squirt guns located at each side of the splash area to make whatever water war your kids conjure up a fair fight. 

This Inflatable Water Slide is sure to make any hot summer day a wet and wild one promising hours of endless fun in the sun for your kids and their buddies. 

Now that you already have a pretty good idea of this Bounceland inflatable, let’s go on to the more specific details.  All in all, once it is fully blown up is comes to 14.5(L) x8'(W)x 6.4'(H)- not too big, not too small, you may say that the size is just right.  What is great about it is that thanks to the strong UL blower that comes with the whole package, it only takes less than a minute to have it fully inflated.  A little more on the blower, it has a 25 foot power cord so that reaching the nearest socket won’t be a problem and a GFCI plug, which is actually the recommended type for utmost safety.  Hose assembly comes complete with a spray nozzle.  Plus, you will also have ground stakes to keep the whole thing in place.

Whilst this is not a Banzai water slide, the company is called Bounceland for a reason - you can already expect that kids won’t be able to stop bouncing, jumping, running, sliding, and what not.  So you can just imagine how rough and rowdy it can get.  That is why it is made with only the best heavy-duty puncture proof materials with double to quadruple stitches.  But just in case you know what happens, you also get repair patches complete with instructions on how to apply.

The Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide with Dual Guns also comes with a two month warranty for the inflatable and a whole year warranty for the blower.  But just to make sure that it lasts as long as it is supposed to, you should follow certain guidelines- it is recommended for kids 3 and up not exceeding 5 feet or 100 pounds and you should only allow one child to slide down at a time. 

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