Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide

Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide - Heaps To Do In The Summer Sun 

Want to beat the heat while having fun in the sun?  With the Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Pool you can turn your backyard into a wet and wild water wonderland of fun perfect for your little ones.  To make a huge splash this summer, let’s go ahead, take a closer look , and dive right in.

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Jump into the Cascade Water Slide with Pool 

What is great about this inflatable Water Slide and Pool is that is caters to kids of all ages.  The older and bigger kids get the bigger slide while the smaller and younger kids get the smaller one.  Unlike other inflatables, each slide has its own wall climb with foot holes and hand grips to make getting to the top a whole lot easier, not to mention safer. 

Climb up 4 and a half feet to get to the top of the bigger slide which is covered with mesh netting for extra safety then slip down 7 feet of fun landing with a splash.  The smaller one is only 2 and a half feet high and 3 and a half feet long, however, it goes through a tunnel right under the bigger slide making it just as exciting, if not even more.   When tired of going up and down, the huge pool that goes all around is the perfect place to cool down and take a break.

For obvious reasons, kids will definitely love this 16.4'x16.4'x 6.9' playtime paradise.  But there are a lot of reasons parents will love it too.  Keeping the kids entertained for hours on end is already one, but the fact that it only take a few minutes to get everything ready is another. 

With the strong UL blower, setting up is a breeze.  Just one minute and the entire thing will be inflated.  Plus, the six foot fill tube is an added safety feature that allows you to keep the blower away from the waterslide.  Just put the ground stakes to hold the whole thing in place and attach the hose and spray nozzle for the water then you are done. 

As for when your kids are done, taking it down is just as easy.  You will be given an instruction manual for complete details as well as a large carrying bag for storage.  

Another thing that you will love is the durability of this product.  It is made from heavy duty puncture proof material with double as well as quadruple stitching.  This pretty much assures you that this is one strong and long lasting inflatable.  However, it is an inflatable none the less- and one that is for kids.  So just in case it gets a hole, worry not because this set also comes with a repair patch too.

A couple of other things that you should know is that this was designed for kids 3 and up.  Kids also should not exceed 100 pounds each and should not be taller than 5 feet.  Aside from that, for safety reasons, there should only be one kid on each slide at a time but there really isn’t any limit when it comes to the pool.

To get a really good deal on the Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Pool, shop online and get a 3 month warranty on the inflatable ad a one year warranty on the blower as well.

>>> Check out the Cascade Water Slide here <<<