Bounceland Fun Ship Water Park Water Slide

Bounceland Fun Ship Water Park Water Slide Bounceland Fun Ship Water Park Water Slide - Ahoy Me Maties, Set Sail On The Fun Ship !

This summer, why not take your dry and drab backyard and turn it into a wet and wild water wonderland of fun?  With the Bounceland Fun Ship Water Park Water Slide your little ones can have fun while keeping cool no matter how hot it gets.  So, let’s go ahead and dive right in.

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Take A Trip On the Fun Ship

The Fun Ship water slide offers a whole lot of water fun activities that are sure to keep your tiny tot busy for hours on end.  Climb to the top on the wall that comes complete with foot holes and hand grips. 

The top is covered with safety netting to keep any kids from falling off.  Then there are two long slides to choose from- slide down straight and make a splash or curve all the way to the pool.  

A third slide of sorts is located right under the curved one.  A flat slip and slide that also leads right into the pool area. But making splashes is not the only way to get wet.  Your kiddo can also squirt away with the water gun that is connected to the side.

Great for the kids and for the parents too.  Just imagine, all it takes is a few minutes to have your kids splishing and splashing for hours on end.  Because of the strong UL blower that comes with the package, this 19.6' x13' x9.5' water park will be inflated in just about one minute.  Then since the blower needs to be on to keep the whole thing up, you will also get a 6 foot fill tube so that you can keep it far from the inflatable, and keep things safe as well. 

Once the ground stakes are holding it in place, set up the hose assembly and the spray nozzle.  As for taking it down- dry, deflate, and store.  Tuck everything away in the large carrying bag and you are done.  An instruction manual will also be given for more details.

You should also know that this is made from heavy duty puncture proof material that was all put together with double stitching in some areas and even quadruple stitching in others.  So you can be pretty sure that it is strong, durable, and long lasting.  However, just in case a hole does come out, part of the package is a repair patch along with complete instructions on how to use it.

However, avoid puncturing the product or even having any of your children get hurt, here are a couple of things that you should follow.  Each slide can only have one child on it at a time but there isn’t really any limit when it comes to the pool area, given that there is enough space.  Now, the manufacturers recommend it to be for kids 3 and up- no matter how old you are as long as you don’t exceed 100 pounds and are not taller than five feet.  But tots younger than that can enjoy the pool area with proper supervision, of course. 

For the best deal on the Bounceland Fun Ship Water Park Water Slide, shop on line to get a huge discount, a 3 month warranty on the inflatable, and even a whole year warranty on the blower.

>>> Get the Fun Ship Water Park here <<<