Blast Zone Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park

Have a miniature water park in your own yard with the Blast Zone Ultra Croc Inflatable Water Park ! Whilst this is not a Banzai water slide it is still an awesome looking unit that is made by Blast Zone, a reputable maker of inflatable jumpers, bounce houses and, of course, water slides.

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So the lurid green color and various features of the construction make this huge water park look a little like a crocodile. From the front it has two eyes looking at you as if it was a giant crocodile mouth open and ready to snap. Each water slide has a crocodile snout like design with a decal of sharp looking teeth down the side. The edges of the splash pools have bumpy bits that no doubt are supposed to convey the bumpy, gnarled texture of a real croc's skin.

As well as looking a little like a croc, this water park also offers heaps of fun for kids and will make a perfect summer toy. It'll be ideal for parties or even social get togethers where lots of kids are looking for things to do.

Here are a few of the things you can do on this inflatable water park :

  • 3 Slides – two wet slides and one dry slide. One wet slide is has a shallower curve than the other and leads to a large splash pool. The other is steeper and has a longer run off pool. The dry slide can be used by kids that still want to play but don't want to get wet.
  • 3 Splash Pools – One splash pool is separate from the slides while the other two are basically run off areas for the slides. The separate splash pool will be great for kids to play in the water without getting hit by other kids coking sown the slide.
  • 2 Spray Tunnels that lead into the splash pools. Kids can jump through the tunnels and land into a pool. The unit is designed so that a gentle spray of water will wet and kids as they jump through the tunnels which creates a bit more fun and excitement for them.
  • A climbing wall – This is used by the kids to get them to the top of the water slides. It will also be fun for them as it has foot holes and canvas handles to grab hold of.  

With all those features above, it makes all that splashing, sliding, crawling and climbing fun possible, this awesome croc would surely provide hours of summer excitement! The water spouts on top of each slide are running, making the kids that use the slides go down faster.

This green, inflatable beast, with its cool crocodile design, is measured around 252 x 99 x 252 inches, it is also made of durable material, and capable of supporting a few pounds. Meaning enough space for your kids and even their friends!

Despite its monstrous size, another advantage is that it is inflatable, meaning you could keep it inside your garage or home when not in use, as well as carry it anywhere during family outings with it's convenient carry case!

It's also easy and quick to set it up. Just connect the blower to the unit, and then go plug the blower into the outlet. You just have to connect tubing to a hose. You then have to make sure that it connects correctly to the unit. It blows up in a few minutes or so, and then you're ready to go.

Your kids wouldn't even have time to bother you to quickly set it up! They'll be jumping up and down with anticipation and excitement as the croc rises before their eyes.

With its cool crocodile design, 13 awesome modes of play all in one pool, easy set up, portability, and high quality, this is guaranteed to provide many hours of fun for your kids from the comfort and security of your own yard!

Although this is quite an expensive unit by comparison to others water slides, given the amount of features and the cost of going to a proper resort it could be a great purchase for your family.

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Check out the Croc at Play !

This video displays an older model that has the climbing wall at the front. The new model (featured here) has the climbing wall at the back, a dry front slide and two dive tunnels.

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