Blast Zone Splash N Spray

Blast Zone Splash N Spray Blast Zone Splash N Spray - Quick Start Fun In The Summer Sun

Why should your kids give in to the scorching summer heat when they can actually get the better of it?  With the Blast Zone Splash N Spray, you can turn your drab and dry backyard into a water wonderland of fun perfect for the little ones.  So let’s go ahead, take a closer look at all of the details and features that you need to know, and dive right in.

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For The Kiddos To Enjoy:

The Blast Zone Splash N Spray will give your kids the perfect summer getaway right at the comfort and convenience of your own backyard.  Kids won’t mid staying at home at all once this baby is all set up.  With the help of foot holes and hand grips, your child won’t have any problems going up the wall climb.  Once at the top, get drenched under the sprayer system on the arch, then zip all the way down to make a huge splash.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  Instead of just merely climbing up and sliding down, your kid also has the option to just lounge in the pool area and catch his breath or he can explore the crawl tunnel that is located under the slide.  This, however, is more appealing to the younger ones.

For The Parents To Know:

Let’s begin with setting up.  You can have the whole thing up and ready in no time.  All you have to do is unroll the inflatable where you want it to be and put up the stakes to hold it down.  The rest is a breeze, a rather strong one that is.  Attach the continuous air blower, turn it on, and it will do the rest.  It only takes a couple of minutes to have endless hours of fun in the sun.

Taking it down is probably just as easy.  Once everything is dry, and you better make sure that it is, just wait for it to deflate.  When that is done, all you have to do is fold, roll, and pack it up.  What is really great about it is that this huge 204 x 96 x 96 inch water park, when properly packed, is only about the size of a sleeping bag.  So it is easy to store and is portable too.

The Blast Zone Splash N Spray is recommended for kids 3 and up.  But actually, as long as you are there to supervise, tiny tots below three can definitely enjoy the splash pool and the crawl tunnel too.

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