Blast Zone Rip Tide inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Rip Tide Inflatable Water ParkBlast Zone Rip Tide Inflatable Water Park

When the heat of the summer strikes once again, why not turn your very own back yard into a fun wet and wild water retreat?  The Blast Zone Rip Tide Inflatable Water Park is all you need to make that cool escape perfect for you and your little kiddos.

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With this inflatable water park, your kids are sure to have a blast this summer as they make their way up the climbing wall to slip down the slide that leads to the splashing pool below. 

From there they can crawl through the tunnel and climb right back up and slide right on down again.  You will not have to worry about the slide going dry and the fun coming to an end as this wet wonderland comes with a sprayer system that keeps nice and cool water coming from the top of the slide. 

Simple yet satisfying, the Blast Zone Rip Tide inflatable Water Park by Blast Zone promises to give your kids hours and hours of fun - up until they look like prunes !

Setting up is a snap because a continuous air flow blower is part of the package.  So unlike the inflatable pools of yesteryear, you will not have to waste your time manually pumping, or even blowing, this inflatable water park up. 

Even though it is relatively big in size (and big in fun), the approximate dimensions of this are 17 feet long, 8 feet wide, and also 8 feet tall, it will only take a matter of minutes, less than two to be exact, to have it up and running.

Just as setting up is breeze, so is storing it.  It takes almost as quick to deflate and amazingly, something that big turns into something as small as the size of a rolled up sleeping bag.  So finding a place to keep it will not be a problem.  Heck, you could simply put it in your closet or even keep it under your bed.  Just remember to make sure that it is completely dried before storing.  You wouldn’t want molds to grow, now would you?

Another great thing about the Rip Tide Water Park is that once it is deflated, it is pretty light, especially comparing it to others. This makes it the perfect portable pool park for you take along on any family trip.

Again, this is a Blast Zone product rather than a Banzai water slide and is very similar to the Shark water park without the gnashing jaws and the shark motifs. It is a bit more colorful than the shark version however so which one you go for depends of your idea of style and fun.

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