Blast Zone Hang Ten

Blast Zone Hang Ten Blast Zone Hang Ten - Now Grommets Can Hang Ten In The Backyard !

Who says that you need to head on to the beach to truly experience the joys of summer?  Your kids can have a blast right the backyard with the Blast Zone Hang Ten inflatable.  Just like the beach where you can either choose to just bask in the sun or take a refreshing dip, you can let your kids enjoy the Hang Ten wet or dry.

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More on the Blast Zone Hang Ten

This 15.25' W x 12.5' L x 7.5' H inflatable has a whole beach inspired theme going on.  The posts on each side of the entrance to the bounce house are designed to look like palm trees with a cool image of a Tiki man and a surfboard printed on each.  The bright colors just add to the whole fun feel to it- mustard yellow, spring green, and a very vivid blue.

Basically, the Blast Zone Hang Ten has two main play areas- the bounce house and the slide.  Let’s focus on the bounce house first.  This area is enclosed in heavy duty safety netting on all sides to make sure that no matter how hyper your kids get, none of them will actually bounce out and get hurt.  Since is the floor area is about 8 by 8 feet wide, there is actually enough room for 4 kids to jump and play together. 

Let’s move on to the second area of fun.  When tired of bouncing, your little tykes can climb up and slide down 6 feet of fun.  It is 3 feet wide, so that gives your kid enough room to wiggle about and the high walls on each side is sure to keep him in place.

Being built for kids means that this was built to stand a whole lot of hopping, bouncing, jumping, running, climbing, sliding, and whatever else you can think your kid can do.  That basically means that it was built to be extremely durable.  So aside from the heavy duty safety netting that was mentioned earlier, it is made from X-Weave heavy duty 420D and 500D materials, it features reinforced X-Weave in stress areas, it features commercial double and even quadruple stitching as well as a commercial vinyl bounce floor.

All in all, that gives it a 500 weight limit.  Since it can hold around 4-5 kids at a time, that means that the max weight for each little bouncer is about 100 pounds.  Being recommended for kids 3 to 8 years old, that should be more than enough.

Setting up is a breeze thanks to the high powered blower that comes with the whole package.  It will only take less than 2 minutes to inflate giving your kids hours and hours of fun.  Then when the sun comes down and it is finally time to unwind, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to deflate.  Storage will never be a problem because when it is rolled up and kept away in its carrying case, it comes to be the size of a rolled up sleeping bag.

The Blast Zone Hang Ten also comes with a patch kit because no matter how sturdy they made this, you can never be too sure.  Also, this inflatable comes with a 90 day warranty and the blower comes with one that lasts for a whole year. Whilst this is not as watery as your typical Banzai water slide, there is still plenty of fun to be had with it. Use the slide with water in the summer and dry in the colder months.

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