Blast Zone Great White Water Slide

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide Blast Zone Great White Water Slide

Not only for the summer, the Blast Zone Great White Water Slide can be used wet or dry.  This means that the fun can last all year long.  Simple yet satisfying, your kids will never be able to get enough of going up and sliding down.  The slide has, after all, been around for a really long time, proven to be an all time favorite of kids of various ages.

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More On The Blast Zone Great White Water Slide

The Blast Zone Great White Water Slide promises to give nothing but non stop fun as kids will safely climb up the back of the shark. It is enclosed with sturdy netting to assure you that no one is going to come falling to the ground, slide down five feet of fun to the White Water Rapid Pool. 

It will be a total splash when you fill it up with water during those hot summer days and then when the cold months come along, use sheets instead of water to slide down.  You can even turn the pool into a ball swim when getting wet is out of the question.

Because the slide is made with nothing but the best commercial grade PVC material, you are sure that is sturdy and durable.  So even when the little ones get a tad bit rough and rowdy, which is common for any kid, you do not have to worry about the whole thing coming apart, just as long as you do not exceed the maximum weight capacity, which is 200 pounds.  So this means that two kids can play at the same time, having that they are not heavier than 100 pounds each, that is.

Setting up is really simple too.  Unlike the inflatables of the past where you had to manually pump or even blow them up which could take several minutes, or even hours depending on the size, this 18'L x 6'W x 8'H Blast Zone Great White Water Slide comes with a UL-approved blower complete with stakes that takes even less than two minutes to have the entire thing inflated. 

Taking it down is just as easy.  Plus, a carrying case is part of the package so that storage won’t be a hassle and you can even take it along with you on long trips or even just over to the neighbors.

This creative and fun looking slide is made by Blast zone (not Banzai Water Slides) and seems to be the slide component of the Shark water park. Consequently it is a bit cheaper and smaller than the water park so depending on your budget and the size of your yard, you may prefer this one or the waterpark. 

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