Blast Zone Buccaneer

Blast Zone Buccaneer Blast Zone Buccaneer - Repel The Boarders Me Hearties With Your Trusty Cannon ! 

What better way to welcome the summer than with a splash- LITERALLY?  The name speaks for itself - the Blast Zone Buccaneer.  Your kid’s will have a BLAST splashing about being bouncing buccaneers.  Let’s a take a deeper look into what makes this water slide ooze with fun.

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More on the Blast Zone Buccaneer

The main colors of the Blast Zone Buccaneer is definitely eye catching for any young child- It is mainly vivid blue lined in bright orange.  The whole pirate theme is sure to blow them away.  This inflatable even has a white pirate flag with the iconic skull and cross bones right in the middle hoisted at the top of the slide. 

They won’t have any problems making their way to the top with the handles and foot holes.  Once there, you won’t have to worry about your child falling off as it comes with heavy duty safety netting with a velcro safety entrance. 

All the hopping and jumping in the world would not be able to break this feature.  Then they can slide down 8 feet of fun as they make their way to the oversized splash area.  Since the slide is about 3 feet wide, 2 kids can actually go at the same time.  The splash area is wide enough for 3 kids to get wet and wild. Since it even comes with a water cannon at the side, you can’t expect anything less.

Your kids won’t be able to wait to jump right and get the fun started.  Well, it does only take 2 minutes to inflate this 14' W x 9' L x 8' H water wonderland after all thanks to the high powered blower that comes with the whole packaged.  Deflating won’t take that long either- an estimated 5 to ten minute wait.   

Then what is great about it is that it rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag, so storage definitely won’t be a problem.  It is even small enough to keep under your bed.  Plus it comes with its very own breathable storage case too.

Since this the Blast Zone Buccaneer is designed for outdoor use, only the best materials and craftsmanship were used to make it- plus we all know how rough and rowdy excited little kids can get.  It features a commercial vinyl bounce floor put together with commercial double stitching and it is even features reinforced X weave in stress areas.  The materials are all heavy duty featuring X weave 420D and 500D.  Simply put, you won’t have to worry about this baby giving in.  But just in case, you will also get a patch kit to cover up any puncture or hole.

Another great thing about this that the parents will also love, aside from the safety features that is, is that the Sprayer Assembly comes  with a Flow Regulator so that you won’t use that much water leaving your kids with loads and loads of fun.

The Blast Zone Buccaneer is ideal for kids from ages three to eight years old.  It can hold up to 600 pounds having enough room for about five to six little pirates.  So that gives them about 100 pounds each. 

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