Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park

Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park - Fun & Enjoyment In Your Own Backyard

The Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park is just what you need to bring smiles and cheers from your little ones. This inflatable water park guarantees the ultimate backyard entertainment for your kids and even their playmates. It's sure to be the hit of the summer and have the kids hankering to play outdoors when the weather is fine.

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More on the Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park   

This water slide is not a Banzai waterslide but made by Kidwise I believ. Like most of these inflatable water slides that you set up in the back yard, this unit is very easy to set up.

Inflate it in a matter of minutes with the supplied air blower, that runs continuously to keep air flowing through the construction. This keeps the structure sturdy but also allows the sliding surfaces to be easier to glide along. Then all you need to do is to hook it up to your garden hose and there you go – cascades of water for the whole family to enjoy.

It can accommodate up to two children per slide. It measures 216 inches by 492 inches by 216 inches (L x W x H). Below are some of the things to expect in your Blue Lagoon water park package:

  • A brightly colored inflatable waterpark which is a big plus in enticing your children to this wonderful waterpark;
  • 2 slides that measure 16 ft. wide and built from durable materials (75% polyester oxford & 25% coated PVC) for comfort and security;
  • An air blower that can be plugged into standard 120-volt outlets – making it convenient to take, plug and use anywhere;
  • An oversized carry bag for storage; and
  • A patch kit to help you with minor repairs.

You and your kids will definitely enjoy fun, quality moments with the Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park. Your kids 5 years and up can now invite their playmates to join them in their very own backyard waterpark.

For adults, you no longer need to use your vacation leaves to go someplace else with your kids during the summer, you can enjoy the sun and the water right in your backyard even during weekends!

Think about it, there is no need to drive hundreds of miles away and at the same time, exhausting you through the journey. You can relax and unwind under the warm summer breeze with this amazing waterpark in the comforts of your own home. The best part is, you can still use your vacation leave to go to other spectacular places with your whole family.

With the Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Park, all you will be able to think about is water…water…and lots of water! All you and your kids will experience is fun…fun…and lots of fun!

Since this water park is made from durable materials, it is made to last even if summer time is over. You can just store it and use again next summer or anytime you and your kids feel like enjoying the water. Even your kids’ playmates will be grateful for the chance to use your backyard waterpark. 

Think about it, this is the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids, get to know their friends and enjoy the summer break.

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