Banzai Wave Breaker Water Park

Banzai Wave Breaker Water Park Banzai Wave Breaker Water Park

The Banzai Wave Breaker Water Park is another large inflatable slide/pool  ideal for the warmer summer months when kids want to be playing outdoors. This Banzai water slide is more than just a slide so let's go through what you get with this inflatable toy.

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In brief, the wave breaker water park is two slides, a climbing wall and a large splash pool. The name comes from the inflatable wave breakers (vertical columns) at the base of the main slide. There ensure that any waves or splashes that are caused by the slider or the water coming down from the slide is dissipated. This means the rest of water in the splash pool remain calm like a ship stuck in the doldrums.

I'm not sure if having wave breakers is such a big deal but I guess it allows people far away from the slide to relax in the pool. In other words it makes the water park open to people that want to be active (on the slide) and others that prefer to just cool off on a hot day by sitting in the pool.

Other than the main slide with wave breakers, there is another mini slide and a climbing wall. Like most Banzai water slides, this water parks uses the same design of climbing wall. There are foot holes and handles that help you to scale the wall. The wall takes you to the top of each slide ready for the swoosh down into the splash pool.

However, this water park is slightly different from others in that you have to get into the pool to access the climbing wall. Most other slides have the climbing wall on one side of the inflatable external to the water.

Other than that, this water park is like any other Banzai water slide. It comes with an air blower and can be inflated in a matter of minutes (literature says 3 minutes but give yourself 15 minutes to get everything set up, including the water supply). The air blower has to be running continuously whilst the water park is in use. This ensures that the surface is easier to slide on as a ripple of air is constantly moving under the fabric.

Speaking of the fabric or material, it is made of heavy duty PVC  and given the name Dura-Tech. It has numerous protective qualities such as a UV coating to protect it from Sun damage. It has puncture resistant qualities and can take a fair amount of wear from excited and energetic kids.

It is sure to be a hit with the family and a great idea to set up at special events like BBQ s, birthday parties and other functions where plenty of kids will be about.

Little Girl having some water slide fun (not on the wave breaker though) 

Banzai Wave Breaker Water Park Specifications

  •      Features: 2 slides, climbing wall, decent sized splash pool
  •      Set up in 10-15 minutes (Inflation in 3 minutes)
  •      Suggested Capacity is two people even though the picture has more (I suspect the two means for the water slides, you can have more people relaxing in the pool
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200.0 Lb.
  •      Suitable for Ages 5 Months and Up
  •      Comes with a Carrying Case for storage or transporting
  •      Dimensions: 18.5 ft H; 34.0 ft L; 6.0 ft W
  •      Product Weight: 74.0 Lb.

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