Banzai The Plunge

Banzai The Plunge

Banzai The PlungeBanzai The Plunge is a water slide that is attached to an inflatable pool. The slide is great fun for kids and even adults have taken the odd ride. It leads to a large inflatable pool that is ideal for pool parties and birthday parties in the summer months. The pool is large enough for plenty of people to enjoy.

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Product Description

The Plunge is a little different from the other Banzai water slides in that it has a pool plus water slide. It still uses a continuous airflow blower to inflate both the slide and the walls of the pool. This can be done in under 5 minutes like the other Banzai products but with The Plunge you have to fill the pool with water before you can use it. This can take a bit of time, say an hour, to completely fill the pool. It's not a big deal but you just have to plan ahead before you use it.

The waterslide is 9.5 ft. high and 22 ft. long. It has the standard climbing wall with handles and foot holes to get to the top of the slide. The slide leads to a 12 ft. diameter pool. This affords plenty of room and is ideal for birthdays when 10 plus kids will like to be jumping in and out of the pool.

The slide as a waterfall or spray of water from the top archway that ensures that the slide stays slippy and gives a good, fast riding experience. Your kids will go back for more and more on this slide.

The Banzai Plunge water slide is made of the same durable materials as the other Banzai products ( PVC-coated 420D Terylene with a UV resistant top layer for protection from the Sun) however it seems to have a better record in terms of lasting and withstanding the rough treatment that a gang of kids is likely to met out. Many reports suggest it has lasted for a few summers whilst others have found that it does spring the odd leak or a seam goes. Again, this might depend on how it is used.

Some people have pointed out that the pool and slide need the air blower to be running all the time for the structure to stay inflated. This means that you can't use it just as a swimming pool for a few days at a time, which could be considered a design flaw. After a while using the slide you might just want to use the pool on it's own.

These kids seem to be going the wrong way ! Oh well, whatever is fun I guess...

Banzai The Plunge Product Specifications

Slide length : 9.5 ft. high 22 ft. long
Inflatable pool size :  12 ft. diameter

Comes with  :
continuous airflow blower motor
Ground stakes for securing the structure
Repair kit
Anchor bags

Made for Children 5-15.