Banzai Sidewinder Falls

Banzai Sidewinder Falls 

Banzai Sidewinder Falls (2009 Version) The Banzai Sidewinder Falls is a mini water park for younger children (5 onwards). Not just a water slide but three water activities in one. This will give children hours of fun in the warm summer months when they love to play and splash around in water.

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Product Description

As the name suggests the Banzai Sidewinder Falls is a curving water slide with  banked or cambered wall for an extra thrilling ride. This is the focal point of the inflatable toy but there are two other activities that will keep children amused and occupied. There is the climbing wall that let's them access to the top of the slide. There is a tunnel under the slide that leads to a diving ramp. Kids can play on both of these slides, the big slide is approximately 10 ft. 5 in. long. The diving ramp is about a third of this length. Both the main waterslide and the ramp lead to a splash pool that is filled with water and slows the speed of the person as they enter  the pool from the two slides.

The Sidewinder Falls is the 2009 version (latest version) which has been improved in various ways over previous models. The biggest problems with this water slide and all inflatable products like this is the durability. People feel cheesed off if the slide springs a leak or gets a tear in it after only a few days use but this is highly likely given that children will be jumping on and off of it all the time. Consequently new versions work on improving the design and material to give the slide more strength and durability.

In the case of the Banzai Sidewinder Falls water slide heavy-duty Dura-Tech material ( PVC-coated 420D Terylene) is used on areas that are likely to experience the most friction. This means the handles on the climbing wall, the foot holes, the archway at the top of the slide and the side walls on the slide. The actual slide surface is made of  PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin. The material is UV resistant to prevent damage from sunlight.

The Sidewinder is inflated using a blower that is supplied with the product. This is the best part about  Banzai water slides. Regardless of the size of the item, it can be inflated by the supplied in under 5 minutes. This means the kids can be out a playing in next to no time at all.  

Look at these kids having a great time on the Banzai Sidewinder Falls

As you can see the kids will get quite a buzz out of the slide, either on their back or front. It's not really designed for adults but it seems like it will work if you want to take a baby down and go gently. The dive ramp is not really used in this video but I'm sure the kids will get to exploring it pretty soon. Check out This popular Banzai Water Slide now.

Product Specifications

Slide length : 10 ft. 5 in.
Inflatable size:  15' L x 16' 10" W x 10' 5" H

Comes with  :
12" blower motor
Ground stakes for securing the structure
Repair kit
Anchor bags

For Children 5-15.    

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