Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park

Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park

The Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park, as the name suggests is one of the bigger banzai water slides you will find. It's called a water park to denote the wide variety of activities you can do in it from sliding to basket ball. It makes a great inflatable toy for kids when the weather in good and they want to spend all their time outdoors. Also ideal for large gatherings like Birthday parties or family BBQ s. There's no doubt you will be the hit of the neighborhood when this unit goes up.

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More on the Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park

This is one of the few inflatable water slides made by Banzai that includes three water slides. The most original feature is the dual straight drop slides. Kids can race their friends down to the bottom and see who gets the top speed.

If they prefer to slide solo the curved slide gives them a wild ride down into the splash pool. The splash pool is a decent sized pool that is not too deep. It is referred to in Banzai speak as a lagoon, presumably to suggest that you can relax in the water when you are not flying down one of the water slides. If you are feeling more energetic than that, there is a basket ball hoop in the corner of the inflatable where you can throw some hoops.

All the slides are accessed by a climbing wall on the side of the water park. This is your standard Banzai climbing wall. It is made of reinforced material and has foot holes and handles to assist the children to climb up. This is great fun too and the kids will get a kick out of the skills required to scale the climbing wall. Once they have reached the top of the wall they have a decision to make – the straight drop or the curve slide. There is a covered platform at the top where the kids can ponder this important decision. It safely holds three kids at the top.

Feedback on the water park is generally good. The manufacturer suggests that the maximum weight capacity allowed on this inflatable is 400 pounds (so 4 kids of 100 pounds) but some people have claimed to have had up to 8-10 kids on it. Not sure if they were all on it at the same time but around it I guess. Most people seem pretty happy with the durability of the inflatable and the entertainment value it gave to their kids (and no doubt the fun they had watching them). One comment that was made was that it is not as big in real life as it looks in the picture, certainly the pool doesn't seem as big in the video as it appears in the picture.

Here are the dimensions any how 17' 11" L x 15' 11" W x 10' H so that you can get an idea of the overall size. This item also comes with a air blower, repair kit and storage bag. The inflatable can be up in under 3 minutes once the blower is attached. The blower goes continuously when the water slide is in use. This helps to keep the bounce in the inflatable and make the slide better too. 

Video of the Roaring Rapids Water Park

Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park - Summary features 

    * Dimensions 17' 11" L x 15' 11" W x 10' H
    * Comes with airflow blower motor
    * Maximum Weight Limit is 400 lbs (so 4 people of 100 lbs)
    * Coated with a UV resistant layer to protect from sun damage and thus longer life
    * Three slides – dual straight drop and curved
    * Lagoon and basket ball hoop
    * Climbing wall

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