Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure

Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure

Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure The Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure Park is one of the most popular Banzai water slides. It has three water slides, climbing walls and a large splash pool. Set it up over summer and keep your kids happy.

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Production Description

This is another unique designed water slide from Banzai. The shape of the structure is a Z shape. The three slides connect to form a Z shape and this allows the children to switch from one slide to the other. The main slide is a double drop slide with a generous splash pool to slow down the slider. The other slide is the single drop slide that also has a splash pool. These are interconnected with a dive slide/tunnel slide that takes the intrepid slider to a paddling pool at the top of the z shape.

The two main slides go in different directions. It would have been nicer if they went in the same direction but never mind, they still look like fun.

Each slide has it's own climbing wall with handles and foot holes.

This one of the more popular inflatable waterslides, mainly because it has some great slides and plenty to keep the little ones amused but also because it seems to be more durable than many of the other water slides. Again, it is made using the same materials - heavy-duty Dura-Tech  ( PVC-coated 420D Terylene) is used to make the climbing wall foot holes and handles , arch tops, walls and rails. The slides use a PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin that gets nice a slick with a bit of water added but is also strong and can resist some heavy treatment.

The Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure Park uses a continuous airflow blowing system (the blower comes with the water park). This connects to one port on the adventure park and can inflate the toy in 3 or so minutes. You have to secure the structure once it is inflated and hook up the water supply so it will take longer than three minutes before you can be slip, sliding away but it's safe to say you will be enjoying the slider in under 30 minutes.

This water park is designed for children, younger children at that, but comments suggest that adults can use the water park too. Although it might not last as long if this is the case.

Check out the fun to be had on the Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure Park 

Enjoy the summer months or maybe that special birthday party, by playing in the roaring rapid adventure park.

Product Specifications

Inflatable size: 26' 4" L x 18' 2" W x 9' 9" H

Included with the purchase  :
blower motor for inflation and sturdiness
ground stakes for securing the structure 
repair kit for any mishaps
anchor bags to keep the base steady

Designed for Kids 5-15.       

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