Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park There is plenty of  fun to be had on the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park. Not just a water slide it has a range of toys and activities to play with that will keep your kids enthralled and amused over the summer months. This is aptly referred to as a water park because it has two water slides, a dive ramp, climbing wall, observation deck, water cannon and splash pool. The Jungle theme is provided by the observation deck or club house and the green leaf motif that decorates the roof of the deck, the walls of the slides and the exit of the sidewinder slide.

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Product Description

The Jungle Blast Water park is one of the largest Banzai inflatable products available. It is designed in much the same way as the smaller water slides. It uses the same continuous air flow blower to inflate the water park in less than 5 minutes. The product is made of the same durable and hard wearing materials that the other Banzai water slides use. In particular, the railings, the climb wall handles and foot holes and the slide walls and surfaces. They are made of  heavy-duty Dura-Tech material ( PVC-coated 420D Terylene). The slide surfaces are made to be durable and slippery at the same time. They are made with  PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin. The material is also UV resistant so that sunlight does not cause it to crack or perish.

As the name suggests the water park is a mini theme park – it is the jungle theme or maybe you are traveling down the Amazon river or whatever your child's imagination can dream up. The jungle is created by the decorated green jungle fronds and leaves over the observation deck and the exit archway of the sidewinder slide.

The blast comes from the water cannon mounted on a wall of the splash pool. It is ideally located to blast your friends as they exit the slides or the dive ramp. Kids are sure to get heaps of fun with this toy.

The slides are basically the falls original and sidewinder falls water slides together in one inflatable toy. The dimensions of these two slides are the same as the original falls and sidewinder falls slides. The  climbing wall is the same style too. It leads to what is referred to as the clubhouse or observation deck. This is the top of both slides and has a roof covered in faux Amazonian jungle leaves. Children can stand in the clubhouse waiting to slide or just hanging around.

Again, there are quite a few reports that the product splits quite easily or get tears which makes it quite frustrating to use not to mention the costs incurred in purchasing it. However there are other comments that say the product has lasted a couple of years and they are very happy with it.  

This video gives you a good idea of what you get with the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park.

This inflatable will be the center of attraction at any kids birthday party or family and friends get together. Or simply use it during the summer whne the kids can't wait to get outdoors and soak up some sun.

Product Specifications

Slide length : Same as original falls and sidewinder falls slides
Inflatable size: 23' L x 18' 6" W x 10' 8" H
Size : 23 ft. long

Comes with  :
12" blower motor
ground stakes
repair kit
anchor bags

Ideal for Children 5-15.       

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