Banzai Falls Original Water Slide

Banzai Falls Original Water Slide

Banzai Falls Original Water Slide This is the first inflatable Banzai water slide. It first debuted in 2006 and, dare I say, made a huge splash in the toy market.

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Product Description

The Banzai Falls Original Water Slide is a slippy one lane slide. The length of the slide is 18 ft 6 in which gives children from 5 and up a good run. The manufacturer say that it is aimed a 5 years and up through to teenagers but many reports suggest that the slide is not really long enough for older children and adults. Children access the top of the slide via a climbing wall at the back of the slide. Foot holes in the wall allow the kids to climb up. The slide leads to a splash pool where your children can stop safely and exit. There is a water attachment on the archway at the top of the slide that provides continuous water flow so that the slide remains slippy. This ensures a great ride and less chance of damaging the material due to friction.

With this said, the manufacturer has used heavy duty, durable materials to make the waterslide that should withstand the type of wear and tear that can be expected. Heavy-duty Dura-Tech  ( PVC-coated 420D Terylene) is used on the climbing wall, arch top, walls and rails. The slide itself is constructed using PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin that serves as a perfect material for sliding on yet has enough strength to withstand the usual wear and tear. On this point, there are numerous comments from owners of the water slide that suggest it does not have good durability.

The slide uses an air blower system which comes with the purchase. The air blower is used to inflate the waterslide. This can be done in 2 minutes and the slide can be ready for action in under 5 minutes once you have done it a few times. There are base water bags that are used to add stability to the structure once it is inflated. There are also ground stake loops at the base on each side wall to allow you to secure the structure to the ground.

Check out the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide in Action

As you can see this is great fun for younger children. They can really fly done the slide and it looks soft and safe. The walls are of a good height to keep the child safe. The climbing wall to get to the top looks like fun and children will enjoy this experience too. This is an ideal item to set up at birthday parties or family get togethers. Or simply set it up over the summer months for your kids and their friends to play on. They are sure to have hours of fun on this Banzai Water slide. 

Product Specifications

Slide length : 18 ft 6 in
Inflatable size: 228"L x 60"W x 120"H

Comes with  :
12" blower motor
10 ground stakes
repair kit
two anchor bags

Made for Children 5-15. 

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