Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide

Banzai Drop Zone water Slide Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide

The Banzai Drop Zone water slide is actually an inflatable water park. The reason it is best described as a water park is because there is more to do than just slide. Once inflated, it is sure to be a source of great fun from your children and their friends (and they are sure to make lots of new friends when words spreads that you have a Banzai water slide set up in your backyard). Get a Drop Zone Water Slide and keep your kids busy this Summer.

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More on the Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide

Count the things that can be done on this water slide/park ! There are two slides. The main slide is the curving slide that exits into the splash pool. This is a gentle ride by comparison to the second slide. This is the drop slide and the product gets it's name from this steep dropping slide that is sure to thrill the kids.

The splash pool itself can be used to play around in (it's referred to as an activity lagoon). there is a basket ball hoop so that you can ball some sort of ball game whilst in the pool – water basketball or walking water polo. The final feature of this the water park is a water cannon. Whoever commands the water cannon can have fun splashing the other kids as they go down one of the slides.

One added feature that I forgot to mention is the climbing wall. Potential sliders can get to the top of each slide via the climbing wall. Kids will get a kick out of climbing using the foot holes and handles interspersed up the wall.  Once at the top, each slide has a launching deck where the children can set themselves for sliding.

The Drop Zone Water Slide uses an air blower and common or garden hosepipe to make the water park work. The air blower is supplied with the purchase. Connect it up and the entire structure will be inflated in under 5 minutes.

Once the walls of the water park are sturdy, tie down the base with guide ropes for extra stability. The airblower goes continuously as you use the water park ensuring that the walls are robust yet soft enough for little ones to slip and slide on.
The hosepipe attaches to the water slides so that water can trickle down. This makes the slide surfaces slick and slippy for even better rides.

The material that makes up the water park is a heavy duty PVC plastic. It is designed to be durable and last. Many people complain about the durability of Banzai water slides but to some extent this is always going to be a problem with any type of inflatable product that gets used often by excited little ones running all over it and clambering up and down.

Give your children some rules of use that include safety procedures so that they don't slam into each other. But also specify that the slide should be looked after too so that tears and punctures do not spoil the fun. Always have adult supervision when the Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide is in use.  

Product Specifications

Recommended Age : 5 months up to 14  
Maximum Weight Capacity: 200.0 Lb.
Dimensions: Height: 18.5 "; Length: 32.0 "; Width: 17.0 "
Product Weight: 81.0 Lb.
Comes with carry case for easy mobility and storage.

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