Banzai Double Drop Falls

Banzai Double Drop Falls

Banzai Double Drop Falls The Banzai Double Drop Falls is an inflatable water slide that you can set up in the back yard. It is a great toy to set up over the summer months to keep the kids occupied and playing outside in the sunshine. This Banzai water slide is designed to be a double drop, in other words, the slide levels out half way down and then drops down again. Archways over the level parts of the waterslide allow water to cascade down giving added effect for the slider. The slide ends in a splash pool that slows down the slider. There are two water cannons to spray the people coming down the slide.

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Production Description

Like most Banzai water slides, this is an inflatable product. It can be inflated in under 5 minutes according to the manufacturer. This is done by a continuous airflow blower that is part of the purchase. The blower has to be connected all the time to keep the structure up and firm. The continuous airflow also makes the sliding easier too.

It will probably take a bit longer than 5 minutes to get up and running as you will have to secure the structure with ground pegs or stakes and set up the water system so that the waterfalls and the cannons are functioning.

The Banzai Double Drop Falls has a climbing wall with handles and foot holes. The wall leads to the top of the slide. At the top, the child can begin their descent on the 18½ ft. long slide 

The waterslide looks quite robust and seems to have a better record of durability than many of the other Banzai water slides. It is also constructed from the same heavy-duty Dura-Tech materials so maybe it has something to do with how the slide is used and the size of the inflatable. I imagine smaller inflatables are stronger and less likely to puncture or tear.

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Easy to set up, this makes a great item to put up over summer to keep the kids entertained and having fun. Ideal for the warm months or special occasions like birthday parties and family get togethers.

Product Specifications

Slide length : 18.5 ft.
Inflatable size: 18' 6" L x 4' 10" W x 9' 6"

Comes with  :
12" blower motor
ground stakes
repair kit
anchor bags

Ideal for Children 5-15.       

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