Banzai Cyclone Twist Pool

Banzai Cyclone Twist PoolBanzai Cyclone Twist Pool

The Banzai Cyclone Twist Pool is a water slide and splash pool. It's name comes from the fact that the slide twists 180 degrees as it descends. This ensures that kids will have a fun filled ride down into a generously proportioned splash pool at the bottom. This is an ideal toy to keep your kids and their friends busy over the Summer months when they want to be playing outside but keeping cool at the same time.

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More on the Banzai Cyclone Twist Pool

This is an inflatable water slide. An air blower is supplied with the purchase of the slide. After connecting the blower, the walls of the slide and pool will be inflated within around 5 minutes. Fasten down the guide ropes for extra stability. Fill the splash pool and attach the regular backyard hosepipe and you are ready to go. This should take around 30 minutes maximum and your kids will be having fun.

The blower and hosepipe are on continuously as you use the water slide. The blower continues to push air into the structure, keeping it sturdy but also pliant to any rough treatment that might cause tears or splits of the material. The water hosepipe is used to ensure that water is trickling down the slide and that it stays slick for extra “slidability”.

Children access the water slide via a climbing wall. This is pretty much a standard feature on all Banzai water slides. The climbing wall is made of a sturdier material that the rest of the slide. There are foot holes and grips for the hands to help the kids clamber up.

At the top of the slide is a launching dock for the slide. Children place themselves in the launching dock and release themselves down the slide. The curving slide moves through 180 degrees from top to bottom, ensuring that the rider get slung off the exit and into the splash pool.

The splash pool is a good size and small children can play around in the pool without even going on the slide. However it is not advised that children play in the pool as others are coming down the slide. On this note, an adult should always be supervising children when they use the Banzai Cyclone Twist Pool.

The material used on this product is referred to as Dura-Tech PVC. It is a heavy duty plastic material that can withstand plenty of little hands and feet clambering over it. This is the biggest problem with any inflatable item – it is susceptible to tearing, rips and punctures. Every effort has been made to make this slide robust and reports suggest it can put up with a fair amount of use without any major problems developing. Explain to children that they have to go easy on the slide and it should last.

Product Specifications

Measures 17.5'L x 14'W x 11.5'H.
Holds up to 200 pounds.
Features 180 degree curve ensuring a long and twisting slide

In Summary

This is a medium sized water slide/water park. It is more of a slide as it only has one but it is still a large structure that is impressive to kids. It also has a splash pool that can be used as a way to stop after the slide or just to splash around in. 

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