Banzai Black-Out Blast Slide

Banzai Black-Out Blast SlideBanzai Black-Out Blast Slide – Who Turned The Lights Out ?

The Banzai Black Out Blast Slide is a bit like the double drop falls slide which is also a Banzai water slide. It has a wave like water slide, meaning that there is a drop, then it levels out and then there is another drop like a typical wave pattern. This is a great sliding experience for youngsters but the Black out has a few extra that make it even more fun.

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More on the Banzai Black-Out Blast Slide

To begin with, the climbing wall that gives you access to the top of the slide is off to the side. It is quite a high wall to scale as the top of the water slide is reputed to be 10 ft. 5 in. high. The climbing wall is a fun activity for kids in it's own right. There are foot holes and handles that the kids can grab hold of to get to  the top.

Again, at the top the Black out blast slide is slightly different. And this is where it gets it's name. The top of the slide is covered by a canopy that is made of black colored material on the inside. There are a few windows to look out of but the general feel is that you are going into a dark house.

There is also a tunnel at the top of the slide that stretches to the leveling off part of the slide. This is also made of black colored material on the inside. The whole affect is that you are in a black out tunnel. As you come out of the darkened tunnel into the light, the sensation of sliding is heightened such that you could suggest you have been blasted out. The end of the ride is in a splash pool which slows the rider down. Exit to the left and run to the climbing wall for another ride.

This is a really popular Banzai waterslide based on the reasonable price by comparison to other slides . It is also simple in design and structure such that the inflatable is robust and will last for a good few summers. The theme and concept of going from dark to light also seems to appeal to kids and spark their imagination. This keeps them playing on the inflatable for hours on end. As long as there is a bit of sun and warm weather, it'll be hard to get them off.

Like all Banzai water slides, it comes with it's own air blower that can inflate the structure in under 5 minutes. The blower goes continuously when the slide is in use. This makes it soft and easier to slide on. There is also a storage bag and repair kit for any mishaps.

It maximum weight limit is rated at 200 lbs which mean two to three kids can play on it at any one time. However, given that it is only on slide, some care has to be taken about how the kids use it. You don't want kids bumping into each other. Some rules should be set by parents about only sliding down when the previous rider has left the splash pool. You might also want some adult supervision, at least for the first few times until the kids understand the importance of the rules and safety on the water slide. 

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