Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon

Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon Water Slide

The Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon Water slide is another popular inflatable for kids to play on when the weather is warm and they'd love to be splashing around in a pool. If you don't have an in-ground pool, this type of unit is the perfect alternative. It can be set up in minutes and folded away when not needed. It's make your kids Summer and be a fantastic attraction at social get together like Birthday parties and BBQs.

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More on the Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon Water Slide

As the name suggests, this is a Banzai Water slide. Banzai have made their name by making inflatable toys for kids. They have made these types of water slides and parks and also bounce houses that are strictly for jumping on without water being involved. They even make a combination jumper and water slide.

This particular unit is one of the smaller style slides that are referred to as water parks. They are called water parks because there is a variety of activities that kids can do with them. With the Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon there is one slide. It is a straight drop slide with a curve at the bottom. The curving section whips the slider round and into a shallow splash pool come paddle pool.

The splash/paddle pool slows a slider down but can also be used for playing around in and sitting in the water to cool off. There is also a basketball hoop so kids can shoot a few baskets when playing in the pool.

The other activity that kids will enjoy is the scaling wall. The wall is used to get to the top of the slide and this might seem like a bit of a chore but it is fun for kids with bundles of energy. The scaling wall has handles and foot holds that lead up the wall. At the top of the wall is the release point for the slide.

The release point has space for one child at a time.

The instructions that come with the inflatable say that it can be blown up inside 2 minutes. This might be a bit optimistic but even so, it inflates very quickly with the provided air blower. The water slide has the air blower going constantly when the slide is in use like most of these types of toys. The air circulating round makes for better sliding.

When setting up the unit, you also have to attach a water hose pipe that circulates water down the slide. This gives the slide a slick nature which also improves the sliding ability. Also, before the unit can be used the paddle pool has to be filled with water. Depending on how much water pressure you have, this will take another 10-15 minutes.

So it's safe to say that you will be up and running in under 30 minutes. The kids will be squealing and jumping up and down in anticipation. Always have an adult on watch to supervise the kids when playing.  

Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon Water Slide Key Features

  • One slide, climbing wall, paddle pool, basketball hoop and water sprays
  • Inflation Time: 2 Min.
  • Set up Time : Under 30 minutes
  • Recommended Capacity on slide : 1 Person
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150.0 Lb.
  • Good for kids 5 Years and Up
  • Comes with continuous airflow blower, water weight bag for stability, Stakes to secure into the ground, patch up kit for any leaks or holes, water hose attachment and a carrying case.

Material: Duratech PVC material provides good resistance to punctures and any rough treatment kids may give to the slide.

Dimensions: Height: 95.0 "; Length: 168.0 "; Width: 114.0 "

Product Weight: 56.0 Lb.

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