Banzai Aqua Adventure Water Park

Banzai Aqua Adventure Water ParkBanzai Aqua Adventure Water Park – A Totally Massive Inflatable Water Slide

The Banzai Aqua Adventure Water Park is possibly one of the biggest Banzai water slides out there. They are hard to find these days ! It is sure to be a winner for your kids this summer and once word gets round, it'll probably be the talk of the neighborhood. Set it up for your next birthday party or the Summer BBQs.

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More on the Banzai Aqua Adventure Water Park

So, this is a truly huge inflatable water slide that has heaps of things to do that will keep kids busy and active when the weather is warm and they want to be outdoors playing with their siblings or friends.

The water park  consists of 3 water slides.

There is a stand alone curve water slide the slings the rider round at the last moment so that he or she goes splashing into the splash pool at the bottom.

The other two slides are together and one is a straight drop slide whilst the other is a double drop slide. There is a generous splash pool at the foot of the slides to break the speed of the sliders.

All the slides have a water spray at the top that sends water down the slide constantly ensuring that the surface is slick and perfect for sliding on.

The combination of slides is bound to keep the kids thrilled for hours on end but there is more to this water park than that.

Firstly there is a separate paddle pool that won't be disrupted by people coming down the slides. So kids can play in the pool while other do some sliding. The paddle pool is not very deep. Probably calf height on a 8 year old child. Along one of the walls in the paddle pool is a basketball hoop for playing a game of hoops.

Near the hoop is a climbing wall. Kids have to cross the pool to get to the wall. This is quite different from other Banzai water slides that have the wall separate to the water. Anyhow, the wall is another activity that the kids will enjoy. It has handles and foot holes that the kids can use to get to the top of the wall.

At the top of the wall is something like a little house with a roof and even a porthole like window to look out from. This is a resting point or weigh station for kids about to slide down the slides.

Should they go left or right ? They can decide if they can a curving ride or a fast drop.

The Banzai Aqua Adventure Water Park comes with it's own air blower that can have the toy inflated in 5 minutes or even less. This is bound to please anxious kids who can't wait to do a bit of sliding. Setting up the water will take a bit of time too but you can probably have the whole unit ready for action in under 30 minutes.

There have been some comments that the inflatable does not drain water away very well and that ultimately this leads to perished material the next time you come to use it next summer season. I don't know if this is a general problem with most of these inflatable water slides and bouncers in general or specific to this one. It could be that due to the size of the unit, it is more prone to splitting seams and perishing over time than smaller units.   

Banzai Aqua Adventure Water Park Features  

  • 3 water slides,
  • 1 crawl through tunnel,
  • Climbing wall, 
  • Clubhouse Way Station at the top of the slides,
  • A basketball hoop and  play area,
  • Large paddle pool.

Dimensions 19ft 10in long, 17ft 10in wide, 10ft 6in

High Dura-Tech PVC Material ensure good wear and tear (although note some previous comments)

400 lb weight limit so there is capacity for 4-6 kids at any one time.

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